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The Cosmo Project is an early-stage exploration project centered over the Cosmo Newbery Aboriginal Community. It occurs almost entirely within the Cosmo Newbery (West) Aboriginal Reserve 22032 and exploration access is affected by different Native Title Parties.

The Traditional Land Owners of the Cosmo Newbery Project area and surrounding lands are:

  • The Yilka and Sullivan / Edwards Parties, managed by registered native title body corporate Yilka Talintji Aboriginal Corporation (YTAC) as the Prescribed Body Corporate (PBC) for combined parties, are located entirely within the Cosmo Newbery Aboriginal (West) Reserve. The YTAC is represented by Central Desert Native Title Services (CDNTS).
  • The Waturta Native Title Application (Accepted for Registration on 17 August 2018) occurs in the north west Project area. The Waturta are represented by Cross Country Native Title Services (CCNTS).

The Company recognise and acknowledge the rights of Traditional Land Owners and Aboriginal peoples to protect and preserve culture, traditions and customs. Furthermore, directors and management prioritize the importance of responsible heritage and community engagement as an essential part of its exploration activities and integral to its future as a successful exploration and mineral development company. Cosmo will operate in accordance with all relevant Access Agreements, heritage and native title legislation.

The Company has separate Access Agreements with the YTAC and Waturta Parties that detail the terms and conditions of exploration access and activities. Each Agreement includes various provisions, including but not limited to:

  1. Grant of tenements and Mining Access Permits
  2. Condition of Access
  3. Protection of Aboriginal heritage
  4. Instruction in Aboriginal Culture
  5. Work Planning and clearance, execution and supervision of Works
  6. Environmental protection and rehabilitation
  7. Minimizing damage, disturbance or interference to Aboriginal sites or areas of significance and in Compliance with all legislation
  8. Disputes
  9. Meetings to ensure communication and cooperation
  10. Employment, Training and Contracts
  11. Compensation and other payments

The Company’s long-term success at Cosmo Newbery depends on our ability to develop open and lasting relationships with Traditional Land Owners and Aboriginal people. Our commitment is to build and maintain trust and mutual respect within the communities in which we operate and maintain high standards of heritage management.

This Statement of intent will be updated and adopted as a formal Code of Conduct Policy as the project and our relationships with Traditional Owners develops.